August 2008

… or the falling hit? I’m partly speaking of the season, but also the fact that my spellhit will be taking a serious blow soon. As it’s just been announced, […]

As mentioned a few days ago, I had to have some fun with my night elf moha.. erh, fury warrior – McFlurry – because I really wanted to check out […]

I could actually start this post by saying “Finally!”, again. What happened yesterday was no less than a small miracle, as a friend of mine from my guild got another […]

Finally! One of the things I always look forward to at any Blizzard release is the cinematics that goes with it. Hints from different sources said that the Wrath of […]

Technically, it wasn’t really that bad, but changes in jobs is something that’s likely to happen. In case you looked through the pun, the thing that has happened is that […]

As the beta of WotLK is slowly progressing, the talents of every class is taking shape, and looks more and more complete. Recently, the Elemental ones got a good overhaul, […]

As everyone knows, the olympics happen every 4 years – or, technically, every 2, if you count the winter olympics aswell. Now, World of Warcraft ofcourse has a way of […]

… which obviously isn’t true. Truth is, as I might’ve mentioned in previous posts, that I simply work too much these days to have anything constructive to write about. Or, […]