When having some time to waste on a beautiful day like this, I thought I’d break the normal
IF (thirsty) THEN drink(Coca Cola)
rhythm by picking a juice called Sunfresh. Eventhough I normally love juice, this is just marvelous. And the name fits, it turned me a bit more fresh, from the usual lazy mood I get when it’s really sunny and warm.

Now, even though the juice is great, I hardly think it was made for me, as it – according to the text on the side – it’s for the one on the move (ok, granted, I’m on the way to the zoo, but that hardly counts). Besides that, it’ll remove even the greatest of thirsts. Well, that I’m sure of, as I’ve only drinked one third of it, and I’m not thirsty anymore. Awesome, bonus points for quenching-values. Oh, and I have to enjoy it while thirsty, so maybe I should keep the rest for later? I think I will, as great taste is even better when gotten in small portions over a longer period of time.

Thank you Sunfresh, you made the first part of my day. And in case you’re wondering how I can write this, it’s rather simple (and slightly lucky even); I sat down near the metro (Fasanvej St.), and got – more or less – instantly connected to “eduroam”. Thank you WiFi!

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