mental lag

100%. Finally, the download was complete, and the installation of Age of Conan started, along with the infamous message “This might take a while”. So far so good, but having heard lots about the downloader corrupting some of the files, and lots of people having troubles with it, I was a bit pessimistic. It succeeded though, and I started the patcher.

Zap. Some file was missing. Thinking logical as always, I assumed that it was the downloader that had made some kind of error, and started checking the files. By looking at the official forums, I found out that it one of the smaller files wasn’t a correct size. So, I redownloaded it, and tried again. Same thing ended up happening, although the downloaded file matched that of my friend (being 2kb smaller). I looked up what the file could be and found out it was a part of Windows SP2 – which I had “forgotten” to install after I recently had to format my computer.

Thus, the wild hunt of updates, getting an accepted Windows Key (my previous was – according to the Windows tool – a volume license. Thank goodness for MSDNAA! So, in short, all I need now is to get SP2 down and running – and then get the patch, and be ready for the prestart opening tomorrow at around 7PM (edit: mental lag, it was 7, not 5).


  1. Yes, MSDNAA is the shit :D

    And I don't get why you all seem to get so many errors – I didn't see a single error, when downloading, installing or updating…


  2. Lucky bastard :)

    Then again, my error was – as concluded – nothing at all with the game client, but rather my lack of Windows “Updates”. That'll teach me!


  3. Installation of Service Pack 2 solved it.

    Yay, downloading patch now.


  4. You need another font color.

    Have fun with Age of Conan, looks like an awesome game. Where did you buy it? Steam?


  5. font color? blog content or? A small bit of elaboration would be nice (I have that severe type of mental lag called “hangovers” today).

    Nah, bought the pre-order “kit” via, which offered a chance to started playing the game a few days before everyone else. Very nice, although my computer is hitting the minimum requirements.. auch.

    The title-screen music is giving a nice atmosphere atleast.


  6. Contents > looks, period. Atleast it's not blue. :P

    Ah well, I was a bit too fast when I chose it, thinking it was black. It wasn't. Changed it to BLACK-black (yes, I'm colorblind).


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