nexus wars

Another day, another batch of teasers from Blizzard.

This time, they’re giving us a small peak at Malygos’ – the blue dragon aspect of magic – hideout “The Nexus“, and the two 5-man dungeons at the same area. Nothing overwhelmingly new, but still nice to hear something official, after around 100 days without updates to the official WotLK-site. That might ofcourse just be because of the 10 minute movie-preview of Northrend I wrote about earlier this month.

However, the part that always gets me in a happy mood is the nice block of text that describes the place, why the heroes should go there, and what has happened. Why Dalaran was moved. Why the Blue Dragonflight is now an enemy of us and the Red Dragonflight. And, there’s no spoilers anyway about what will happen in The Nexus. Will Malygos really die, will he be really sane atlast.. or? I can’t wait to find out atleast, and see a short nice raid-encounter like Onyxia again.

Anyway, speaking of wars, my girlfriend just gave up our pokewar, after a long and tough fight which has been going on for… longer than I’d like to think about. That I can’t even remember it seems to be proof enough, think we started it around when I joined facebook back in September. Also, there’s the totally random coincidence that the bar at her university (CBS) is called “Nexus”.


  1. To get things straight we began the poke war when you went to the U.S. in December/January, so yeah… it has been going on for quite a long time! And to be honest, I'm glad it's over ;)


  2. I'll just start a real-life one then *cackle*

    Wondering if we can beat a 5month war this time? Hehe.


  3. Oh my god, I'm gonna die! hehe


  4. Pokewars on Facebook is just another way of saying “I want to get laid”, so I hope you got something out of it ;P


  5. Well, atleast I've only had a pokewar with one person, while on Facebook – should say enough :D

    Every trick is allowed in love and war!


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