Comparing talents to real life features to gaming is normally quite an easy feat. Obviously, level can refer to age, talents to .. yeah, whatever you’re good at, and the […]

That would atleast be what happened, if it was this hot at Icecrown Glacier. The reason I started out with something this random was – besides trying to make sense […]

After my Sunfresh-flipout yesterday, a friend of mine randomly threw this godlike YouTube-video after me. I died laughing. And well, I figured I had to share the fun with others. […]

And so, the sun mercilessly continued to burn the innocent humans on the planet Earth, while our heroes ventured towards the wild animals… Yeah, we (me and my girlfriend) made […]

And thus, it began. I could’ve started out grand by actually having a general point of this blog, but at the current time, it really isn’t the case. I felt […]