While doing the exam I was going through the previous week, I happened to notice a funny, yet extremely obvious similarity between the subject and World of Warcraft. Part of […]

Theorizing in World of Warcraft in terms of lore-twisting and the like is not something I usually do, but sometimes a good idea leads to another – and suddenly I […]

Just wanted to update some updates, or whatever you might call it: I’m alive. Yes, it’s one of those times again where I havn’t really got much to write about. […]

Hi Emil! First of all, I’d like to excuse that I havn’t reported from Northrend lately. Life is busy up here, so much to do, so much to see… and […]

While the journey did indeed begin around almost 4 days ago, it’s about time I actually reported in and told about it. The reason is, obviously, that I wanted to […]

It’s been a while since I updated anything on the blog, so I thought this might be the time. There are a few things. – I changed around a few […]

The zombies have risen! Surely, The Lich King’s Wrath draws near. Exhibit A Exhibit B Find your local Zombie or Crate of Grain to join the fun, wreck havoc and […]

EDIT(20/10-08): The 2 new Glyphs from the upcoming patch 3.0.3 adds a bit to the point of this. First, there’s the Glyph of Lava, that increases the spelldamage contribution to […]

And what in Azeroth (or Outlands) would make that stop? Well, it seems that a good idea has surfaced, that could probably be tossed at the crazed DPS – The […]