diablo III

I can’t get my arms down. This is simply going to be so extremely awesome!

Diablo 3 confirmed. Material found at the official site. I’m off looking now atleast, that’s for sure.

“…and the heavens shall tremble.”


  1. I have finally gotten my arms down (atleast enough to write here again), and will probably do a lengthy post tomorrow about my afterthoughts on Diablo III.

    By that, I mean my ideas and the like on what the story line will unfold, what we havn't been told and perhaps what has happened in those 20 years since the Diablo II storyline ended with the shattering of the Worldstone.

    I might even do some looking back at the famous splash-screen.


  2. Glæder mig vanvittigt til diablo III og håber at se de gamle hoveder fra TZN ;)


  3. @rejen
    ja me2 :p Vi skal da klart have gang i TZN igen :=)


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