I was sitting around earlier today and reading yet another forum thread about Frostmourne, as some people think it would be outrageous if this fabulous sword is going to drop, […]

(EDIT 5/3-09: Added a rather major point I forgot at the end, concerting Twilight’s Hammer.) Not too long after I post my previous theorizing on the whole Ulduar, Old Gods […]

In almost perfect timing with me getting my Twilight Vanquisher-title, I finished reading Night of the Dragon today, which I read as I fell upon a major plothole, in the […]

For countless millennia, Ulduar has remained undisturbed by mortals, far away from their concerns and their struggles. But since its recent discovery, many have wondered what the structure’s original purpose […]

Theorizing in World of Warcraft in terms of lore-twisting and the like is not something I usually do, but sometimes a good idea leads to another – and suddenly I […]

In Denmark, some things are quite different from the rest of the world. I could go into politics and rant about that, but, to keep in spirit of LDST, I […]

EDIT(20/10-08): The 2 new Glyphs from the upcoming patch 3.0.3 adds a bit to the point of this. First, there’s the Glyph of Lava, that increases the spelldamage contribution to […]

EDIT (31/3-09): For some reason, this post is the most popular one at the page, which will most likely lead me to do an updated revision of it, with 3.1.0 […]

That previous line, in another form, should bring many memories to whoever played the original Diablo, and I found it fitting to what I’m about to write. The reasoning shouldn’t […]

Friday. One day remaining till the mystery is solved, but we can’t possibly be further from the truth than now. Atleast, we have the following clues now: The Valenzetti Equation […]