I’m sure that most of you have overlooked/heard a person yawning, and instantly yawned yourselves, as a reaction. You might also have burst out laughing because everyone else is. Contagious […]

Without doubt, the title of this post might seem very strange – which is somehow intended as well. Never the less, it is exactly what it’s going to be about. […]

Time flies, but perhaps it’s more correct to express it as: “it goes faster than I expected” (or “another speed than expected” – case in point: the copenhagen minute). Both […]

I really couldn’t find a better title, because really – irony just sneaked up from its dark corner, ambushed me, kicked me swiftly in the nuts and stomped on me […]

No, don’t worry – I’m happy. It was just more simple to do a shorthand for “rage” than “happy”, in this context. Believe me, I tried. It’s just impossible getting […]

Basically, it just needed to be made. Rubber ducks are awesome, and found it fitting that they got some appreciation. I don’t need to say why they’re awesome, as it […]

I was sitting around earlier today and reading yet another forum thread about Frostmourne, as some people think it would be outrageous if this fabulous sword is going to drop, […]

I’m sure most of you have tried having an irregular sleeping cycle, by setting a default of sleeping between 6AM and 1PM, or something similar. A very popular and frequently […]

As I had earlier predicted, yet another comparison would enter my mind. This one being… well, movies and ballgames. The thought first dawned on me when I was watching the […]