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And so, the 3 week programming-course I’d been working with is over. The report is written, the program compiled (and worked!) flawlessly – although the last compile was done 1½ […]

Some time ago, I wrote a lengthy post about how World of Warcraft’s time-line would be affected by the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm, and specifically when the actually shattering of Azeroth […]

Earlier today, a fine game was discovered; Jam Legend. In essence, it’s just Guitar Hero. But, the really nice part about it is that it’s online, and played in your […]

PSA (Public Service Announcement)… Listen Up… Elephants are your friend, not your enemy. Do not be fooled by the media. Open your eyes and see for yourself, that these noble […]

Basicly just Age of Conan – take 2. Naturally this new rig of mine can run the game, unlike the old one. The install was pretty flawless, and only required […]

Before starting out this subject, I had to translate the course-name that all of the following was discussed in, which lead to the sort of spam-like name “Theory of the […]

After getting home yesterday, and getting some well-needed sleep, I decided that it was time to try out Age of Conan. Since the prestart had been delayed (big surprise there, […]

100%. Finally, the download was complete, and the installation of Age of Conan started, along with the infamous message “This might take a while”. So far so good, but having […]

So, Funcom finally decided that it was time to let the Early Access-people start their downloads of the massive almost 14GB game. All that’s left now is simply.. waiting. And […]

After being convinced that I should jump off the bandwagon of World of Warcraft, and trying out Age of Conan, I joined a few of my real-life friends with signing […]