conan the destroyed

After getting home yesterday, and getting some well-needed sleep, I decided that it was time to try out Age of Conan. Since the prestart had been delayed (big surprise there, it’s technically always meant to happen, for every game), I didn’t have time to try and log in before I was off for a party. In retrospect I’m fairly sure my skill in drinking has increased to 109/110 by now.

So, the game started. I logged in, and could choose server and a slot for my character. Click, and the game crashed. Wonderful. I tried again, and this time I made it to the character-creation-screen, where I could choose all the customizable stuff, which was great. Sadly, the only thing of my character I could see was the tattoo-markings on the chest (which was seemingly invisible), and the hair on my character’s head. Making it in-game, the graphics was pretty much missing for everything. I couldn’t really see anything besides the UI, and some health-bars which I guessed were the first roaming monsters. Granted, I had toned it down to minimum as my computer is ~minimum requirements, but minimum should hardly mean “nothing at all”.

I was quickly reminded of the famous scene from Conan the Destroyer, where our dear hero acts like myself the previous 2 nights, except for a few non-important details with sword-swinging and the outfits in question. The comparison between that clip and what it was like trying to move around was quite fitting too; lag, low fps, inability to see anything, and the wish that you’d gotten that far. The short and combined version would probably be this: “I won’t drink (read: play Age of Conan) again, ever… until next time (read: when I get a new computer)”.

If the “new computer”-part doesn’t happen, then atleast I’m glad that a certain expansion pack is looming later this year.

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