October 2008

Dear Jonathan Coulton, Thank you for your songs. Without them I’d likely not have survived this sick long night of coding horror and suffering, from this god forsaken Compiler-exam. Songs […]

The zombies have risen! Surely, The Lich King’s Wrath draws near. Exhibit A Exhibit B Find your local Zombie or Crate of Grain to join the fun, wreck havoc and […]

After making a critical error this morning when leaving for university (read: forgetting the power supply for your laptop at home), I eventually decided that it was time to get […]

EDIT(20/10-08): The 2 new Glyphs from the upcoming patch 3.0.3 adds a bit to the point of this. First, there’s the Glyph of Lava, that increases the spelldamage contribution to […]

And what in Azeroth (or Outlands) would make that stop? Well, it seems that a good idea has surfaced, that could probably be tossed at the crazed DPS – The […]

Sometimes while randomly searching around the internet nets (har har) some interesting results. For instance, I was looking about if there was a new movie coming with Arnold Schwarzenegger soon […]

Real men don’t do backups…