the video game name generator generator game with no name

Name is still a placeholder. So, for now just “The VGNGGGwNN”. Not to be attempted to be pronounced. Ok, you may, but you might fail. Yeah. Alternatively “Primal Internet Fun”.

It started with the following link was thrown out at the internal Facebook-page for the Game students at ITU:

As fate would have it, people started posting their favorite hilarious names. Lots of likes and – at least from my part – local giggles and burst-laughs was done. Then, it took a turn, when the idea of having a Game Jam was added, with making up a game based on what the generator spat out.

However, in the end, just when I tweeted the link, I figured a very simple – yet rather hilarious – game could be made from it. The rules are quite simple:

First, gather a few people that wants to play. Not too few, not too many (4-6 would probably be perfect).

The following is then needed:

A person activates the VGNG, and the resulting name is spoken to the crowd. Each player now has a maximum of 5 minutes to come up with the best game-idea, based purely on the name. The winner is judged by social voting amongst the players. Naturally, you’re not allowed to vote for your own game.

Looking forward to seeing if the idea actually holds. At the very least, I’m going to see what it’ll turn to!

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