nine minutes

The time it took me to:

  • Walk past a kebab-shack (I wonder what the correct expression for such is anyway), realize I could really use one, but thinking it was probably better to wait till I was home 15 minutes later, and get some proper lunch.
  • Going up the stairs to the train, spotting that the train wasn’t there until 9 minutes later.
  • Going back down, figuring I might just spend those 9 minutes getting a kebab.
  • Buying and eating said kebab.
  • Internally discussing with myself if I should tweet or blog this, and ending up with the latter, as there would be no way I’d fit it into 140 characters, and I didn’t want to do a 5/5 tweet.
  • Realize that I’d would be the first time in ages that I’d have done 2 blog-posts in one day.
  • Further realize that my problems probably weren’t that bad after all.

And yes, these were actual minutes, not Copenhagen ones.

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