gnu’s trip to mexico: part 5

The trip is soon coming to an end, with today being the last “real” day in Oaxaca. Yesterday was indeed quite eventful, and I still feel somehow the same as after the previous entry (read: utterly annihilated). Thus, I’ll describe yesterday in that style.

Monday – October 12th (Today we’ve seen…):

  • A very, very, very, very… very… VERY big and old tree (Árbol del Tule)
  • A weaving-factory (old classic Mexican style)
  • The Petrified Waterfalls (Hierve el Agua)
  • The City of Mitla
  • A Mezcal-factory (“El Famosa”)
  • A part of the Spanish internet (ordered tickets “home” to Guadalajara)
  • The ceiling of the Hostel
  • Our pillows
  • The Sun burning us with 30+ degrees of Celsius for every point except the previous 3.

Today was meant to be a trip of around the same length as Monday (8 hours!), but something went wrong. Long story short(er): We were picked up by the wrong Tour-company, and thus only got to see Monte Albán – which we were actually quite happy about in the end, even though it waas quite a confusing series of events. We didn’t realize that it was another company until we got back to Oaxaca, since the company we though we were going with also had a small tour with only that destination. Add the quite apparent lack of information, and… yeah… So much for attempting a short version of the story.

Tomorrows trip back to Guadalajara is going to (or well, will most likely be) alot more relaxed and short, as it’s a direct flight to Guadalajara. For now I’ll do my very best to drink away my roasted red skin, with the help of cold drinks…

Additional rant-note (22:30):
I hate beggars and people that insists on selling you unnecessary crap – while you sit at an outdoor restaurant. It gets annoying and frustrating when you have to say “No Gracias!” once per minute (and that’s not even exaggerating). Worst is the children that often almost lie themselves on the table and the old people that underlines the “insist”. Getting back to Denmark will be great, in regards to that – but probably only that…

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