gnu’s trip to mexico: part 3

As “promised”, yet another retro-active post. This one is slightly more than the part 0-ones, as I have no idea if this will be online a few days late (internet should be possible to find in Oaxaca), or in a week (15/10 note: 5 days late, as there was indeed internet in Oaxaca, but I didn’t really have enough time to write in all the stuff).

Never the less, we’re currently on our way to Oaxaca, and in this moment sitting in the national part of Guadalajara Airport, set to board a plane to Veracruz… where we’ll (either tomorrow or later) take a 6 hour bus-drive that’ll bring us to Oaxaca (the city, that is). Should be exciting and very beautiful. Which leads me to what happened yesterday…

Friday, October 9th (Language Barrier!):
A busted camera, at the worst possible time (as the trip to Oaxaca lies virtually just ahead), and in the worst possible way (almost), as I got an unintended push, and – possibly out of surprise – dropped the camera. At first, it didn’t look like anything had happened. The “shell” hadn’t even gotten a single scratch, but the lens was “bend” (the camera was turned on when dropped). Good thing it is insured, but I’ll get to that when I get back home.

Besides that, the evening was really good. We met up with alot of the other exchange students (or well, more appropriate to call them our friends) in order to have dinner and see “Inglorious Basterds”… To say the least, going to a sushi-restaurant in Spanish is mildly confusing on many different levels. First of all, the mix of Spanish and Japanese names is confusing. Next, it’s food, which makes it even harder. Thankfully, we found an English menu-description, which made it a lot easier. Even better was the drinks (nom nom Appletini)!

Had I remembered how much of the movie that wasn’t in English, along with the fact that it was now naturally subtitled in Spanish… I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it. Add the comfortable chair, cold beer and the fact that I had seen it before, made me slip into sleep quite a few times, despite gunshots, explosions and other such loud sounds. As confusing and all as the day may sound, it was good.

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