a change of ways

Not too long ago, after finding out that I seemingly wasn’t allowed to “publish” my work for the Blizzard Global Writing Contest, the news were updated to reflect that it was actually “legal” to post them. And yes, I was extremely slow noticing this, but the time was rather critical: on top of my birthday, exams and what not.

So, that’s what I’ll do here – post the story! I read it through a time or two some time after I had submitted it (and, sadly enough, didn’t win), and found a few spelling mistakes, missing words and such – luckily, it wasn’t much, but still enough to get slight “Meh”-feeling about it. I know why there had been mistakes though, and that had been the ever so annoying limit called “time”. I simply started writing the actual story too late, and thus got it hastened too much.

Never the less, I read it through one more time to correct what I could, so you won’t have to get deal with it. While tempting, I have however decided not to correct anything else, as it would get too far off the original submission.

So, dear readers, I give to you: “A Change of Ways”, which is – as you might have noticed by now – also the title of the post. Nothing about me. Enjoy, and please leave some feedback, would mean a lot, no matter if it’s good or bad.

Get it HERE.


  1. Omg :D I can't wait with reading it ^^

    I'll post a review when I've read it.


  2. Amazing story :D I enjoyed reading it.


  3. Seems to be a few reads, but few comments – a bit sad…

    I got a few comments when I posted in on Wowhead's forums (http://www.wowhead.com/?forums&topic=108874&p=1…), but it seemed that most people skipped it, as noone commented after a while – eventhough the thread has 100+ reads.

    Anyway, I have plans of a second – and possible third – part of the story. I'll keep you updated, naturally. Planning to give the series a spot in the “Projects”-section too.


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