not-so-odd-comparisons #2

As I had earlier predicted, yet another comparison would enter my mind. This one being… well, movies and ballgames. The thought first dawned on me when I was watching the soccer match between Sweden and Denmark, where a discussion about what type of ballgame was the most exciting to see. And thus, the comparison itself is between kills in movies (yes, I know it might be a bit up front, but give me chance here) and goals in ballgames can be started.

In movies, a person (or something else) being killed is usually quite a notable action, and usually evolves the plot a lot. But, there are of course those movies where something is being shot/blown to pieces/melted/liquefied/evaporated/roasted/sliced in half (… and so on) happens all the time. In order to give the same effect, someone being killed in a thriller-kind of movie is roughly the same as a nuclear warhead being tossed into the alien-hive or a cluster of 100+ zombies.

Now, when looking at ballgames, goals in soccer are often quite a feat, and causes the audience to burst out in cheering (perhaps even dancing too), while in games such as handball or basketball, where goals are plentiful, it’s just that “Well, that was a pretty good goal *continues munching popcorn*”-feeling. Sadly, it’s hard to do a nuclear warhead-goal in those games, first of all because it’s only allowed to have one ball on the field at a time. Spectacular goals are still existing, if the keeper throws the ball into the goal on the other end of the field (then again, would this happen in soccer, it would beat that).

In the end, it’s all entertaining however. Balancing a high (scoring/killing)-pace with spectacular ones, will result in the optimal match/b-movie.

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