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A few days ago, I saw the “newest” episode of Scrubs (season 8, episode 15), and it reminded me of something. See, I’ve promised my girlfriend that I’d write about her here at some point, other than just mentioning when she was present at the fun activities I’ve been doing. Reasoning why I have waited so long? Simple really (or, perhaps not, logic is undoubtedly different depending on who you ask), as I see this as my “safe haven”, and I try to keep it … well, shallow, you might say. But – that argument goes right out the window, as I have the “me” category, even though everything here is a part of myself. Since she means that much to me, it only makes sense that this post is written.

Now, there were a certain moment during that episode where I couldn’t help myself thinking that I was in that exact situation. J.D. talks about how much he loves Elliott, but can’t find a way to do it properly. It’s too easy for it to become a cliché, the timing has to be correct, the planets must be correctly aligned and the temperature must be within 0.02 degrees of Celsius of optimal living standards … does it really has to be that advanced, when the thing in discussion is actually one of the two most simple feelings we humans have? No, not really.

So, I’ll go with the few words I have on my mind:

Charlotte, I love you <3


  1. Sweetheart <3 You're the best!


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