not-so-odd comparisons #1

While playing one of the daily games of Table football (or fussball, as some know it as), I came to compare the game with the lovely creep: the scorpion. At this point, the post subject shouldn’t make sense, because at first, it might indeed seem quite odd. So, as my mission goes, I’ll try to explain why this comparison seems so logical.

On each team, there’s two plays; an offensive and a defensive player, each having the obvious objectives of scoring and avoiding goals, respectfully. While most goals are indeed made from the offensive “players”, there are quite a few nifty goals coming from the goalkeeper or his defensive – and this is where the comparison starts making sense.

Enter the scorpion. To attack prey or defending itself against those who likes a nice scorpion-cracker, it has a set of pincers and a poisonous sting. Most attacks would most likely come from the pincers, as these are closer to the target, and requires the prey/attacker to have quicker reactions to avoid the attack. But still… even though the stinger is “an upgraded tail”, it’s still a force to reckoned with.

The comparison is simply this; the attacker of the table football team is the pincers of the scorpion, while the goalkeeper is the stinger. That wasn’t so odd after all, now was it? …and yes, I added the “#1”-part, as I’ll hopefully get another divination for a not-so-odd-after-all comparison.


  1. wow.. never looked at it that way before.. hope to see more! :P


  2. Glad to hear. I'm sure there are other nice comparisons out there (except apples and oranges, hehe). :)


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