power supplies

After making a critical error this morning when leaving for university (read: forgetting the power supply for your laptop at home), I eventually decided that it was time to get back and fetch while resting my head and think of something else than exams.

Not more then 2 minutes after me leaving the building, the ideas started flowing, and I scribbled a small page of notes down within the 5 minutes it took riding the bus to the metro-station. I have no idea if it’s actually correct or not, but it was a lot better than simply staring at the screen and getting increasingly more frustrated.

The experience made me realize something rather strange; I’m actually better at thinking of something, when I’m not thinking about it at all. While it might sound a bit weird, it should make sense to most people, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has that. Naturally, it’s technically not something you can force down on yourself. What’s even better though, is that I just recalled that I’ve already used this type of thinking before, back when I had more time to brew up fiction.

So, as a last remark: If your supply of thoughts are out, forget your power supply at home. Sadly, I doubt it’ll work the other way around.

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