an open tribute

Dear Jonathan Coulton,

Thank you for your songs. Without them I’d likely not have survived this sick long night of coding horror and suffering, from this god forsaken Compiler-exam. Songs like “Code Monkey“, “Tom Cruise Crazy“, “Re: Your Brains“, “I Feel Fantastic” – and countless others – have kept the mood high and distracted me from the fact that I’ve been awake writing for around 24 hours at this current moment.

… well ok, I’m tired, I’ll admit that. But, never too tired to wobble around my head in sync with the rhythms of good music, while having a permanent smile on my face about the clever lyrics. Thank you for that.

Sincerly, a new fan.
Emil // Gnub


  1. how nice!

    jeg må jeg hellere høre noget mere af så.. syns ikke de (andre sange) var så fede sidst jeg hørte dem


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