theorizing with categories

Small post to notify that I changed a small bit of categories around a bit, and made some small changes to the layout of the archive-pages.

The waiting-category was a bit wide, and actually covered a fair bit of a new category – theorizing – which I actually noticed I’ve done a fair bit of. WThat category will likely grow bigger when I correct posts retroactively, but for now, it should cover what my ponderings about when Blizzard announced Diablo III. It didn’t really make sense to have posts that wondered what Blizzard had up their sleeve, in a category that involved waiting for stuff. After all, I didn’t really know what I was waiting for (that it was correct, however, is an entirely different point).

I’m going to be writing more theorizing in the near future though, so I’m sure the category will grow.

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  1. Done™ with the categories, and made it so more posts are shown at each page (max 10 per page, instead of 5).


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