September 2008

EDIT (31/3-09): For some reason, this post is the most popular one at the page, which will most likely lead me to do an updated revision of it, with 3.1.0 […]

If you’ve ever written or read sections of code, you’ll eventually end up seeing comments pretty much everywhere, describing what’s going on, arguing why this exact approach is the best, […]

It’s getting into quite a almost daily routine for me to fine-tune different parts of the site, and this time, the other pages of the site have been written: about […]

The wonders of are quite extraordinary when Brew Fest hits World of Warcraft, and as a computer scientist, I like the current brew which is going round these days; the […]

Small post to notify that I changed a small bit of categories around a bit, and made some small changes to the layout of the archive-pages. The waiting-category was a […]

Earlier today, a fine game was discovered; Jam Legend. In essence, it’s just Guitar Hero. But, the really nice part about it is that it’s online, and played in your […]

hello world! again. As you can see, is now currently working as it should. However, it’s still ugly, lacks design, and so on. At some point, I expect there […]

… the 13th of November. The date of WotLK is now out, and.. well, it’s soon. Sadly, there hasn’t been any official news about a Collectors Edition yet, eventhough we […]

Very simple actually. I’ve bought the domain, and intend to redo the blog there in WordPress, once I get some more time and a place to host the stuff […]

Not really any connection to the recent unbearable post, although it does concern bears. Yesterday, I had the time to join a Zul’Aman timed run, which not often happens at […]