legend of the jam

Earlier today, a fine game was discovered; Jam Legend.

In essence, it’s just Guitar Hero. But, the really nice part about it is that it’s online, and played in your favorite internet browser. Besides that, you can challenge people in duels, have showdowns with different players competing at once, and much more. Naturally, there’s achievements as well, which makes the game even more addicting and time-stealing.

Admitted, I suck, I never were good at Guitar Hero, and kept playing on Medium, since that coordination with moving fingers (and goodness forbid it, the advanced tricks). Rest assured, I’m still sucking at Jam Legend, but I’ll blame the transition from mashing colored frets to numbers and enter on my laptop-keyboard. I’ll probably get better sooner or later.

Ah yes, I still have my 3 invites, if anyone wants to have a try. Follow this link. After that, you should have 3 invites of your own you can use. After that, you could challenge me in a duel, by finding my profile.

Rock on!

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