Currently, I’m working with some web-analytics, and tracking some of the data (for example, remembering a visitor from past visits), requires a cookie from the webpage, in order for the information to be correct.

For some reason, the data of a certain webpage was way off, and there was a rather big mystery about why that was exactly so, because it didn’t make much sense. Then the bug was found. It seems that Internet Explorer has a rather strange bug that doesn’t allow cookies from… two-letter domains. Yes, only domains that contains of two letters. One letter works fine, and anything above two works aswell.

Is it a problem for Firefox? No. Eventhough it was apparently fixed in IE 6 SP1, is it still here? Yep. What’s the way they want you to fix it? Redirect the domain to something that isn’t a two-letter domain.

Maybe Microsoft is pissed about not getting Makes you wonder how the page got the Microsoft Gold Certificate, doesn’t it? Either way: fail. And thanks for making me wonder about one of the weirdest bugs I’ve ever seen.

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