If you’ve ever written or read sections of code, you’ll eventually end up seeing comments pretty much everywhere, describing what’s going on, arguing why this exact approach is the best, or why it was necessary that a certain ugly hack was “needed”.

However, comments can also be the source of immense amounts of fun. The charm of twisting a way to describe a line of code by mixing in a song title, adding something that just doesn’t make sense what so ever, or .. well, something truly random. Whatever it might be, it’s often a result of a conversation that arose from saying something slightly off-topic or a mispronunciation.

In either case, reading most of those comments in question might just make that person stop, wonder what the point is, scratch their chin or – the most realistic – wonder where we got the drugs we obviously had been smoking.

Long story short; I feel sorry for whoever is correcting our Compiler-assignment this Friday, because that person is going to get quite a surprise.

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