Technically, it wasn’t really that bad, but changes in jobs is something that’s likely to happen. In case you looked through the pun, the thing that has happened is that I quit my job at Build-A-Bear Workshop, which I started around April/May this year.

It wasn’t because of the job itself however, it’s because I’m starting the studies again next monday, and won’t have time to squeeze in the schedule it requires. Also, I’ll likely not be as fresh as it’s needed, especially if there’s things that has to be done, like a report to be written, or the like. And believe me, at a job like that, it’s really not a good idea to be tired, stressed or annoyed at something, as it’ll ruin the day completely, and – on top of that – make the experience bad for the visitors in the store.

So, what have I learned? First of all, a smile and a laugh rewards you more than you actually know. Atleast I know that the job wasn’t a bad choice, as I had plenty of time to fool around and do crazy things, while still learning about costumer communication, body language and establishing connections, which is a good thing. I simply like to communicate with people that way, and it’s much more personal to see who you’re trying to sell stuff to, instead of just hearing a voice on the phone, or reading some text in an e-mail or letter. A thing that I’ll take use of.

The thing that caused me to quit however, was that I first of all have gotten a more study-relevant job. Good one – what job isn’t more relevant to a Computer Scientist, than building bears for children? Atleast, it’s quite relevant, as it involves web analytics, databases, and the like. Havn’t had my first day yet, so it’s still a bit loose, but overall it sounds exciting, with lots of posibilites.

Rest assured, I’m still not completely “grown up”, and I’ll most likely return to the Workshop and get myself a second bear. Or white-striped tiger. Or polarbear. Or perhaps the new zebra..? The choice will probably come to me sooner or later.

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