i pity the fool

As mentioned a few days ago, I had to have some fun with my night elf moha.. erh, fury warrior – McFlurry – because I really wanted to check out just how awesome [Titan’s Grip] is. And trust me, it’s every fury warriors dreams come true, especially for those that played a Barbarian back in the Diablo 2 days.

But, now then, why exactly is it so awesome? First of all, there’s the huge raw dps boost from the weapons alone. A two-hander hits like a truck. Two of them is like mowing down a rotten tree-hut with a nuclear-powered monster-truck. Next, there’s the stat-increase. A two-hander has stats for two one-handers. So, basicly you’re getting twice the stats as you would with two one-handers. Rock on.

Now, the best part is this: [Whirlwind], and [Bloodsurge] in combination with [Slam], or just the good old [Heroic Strike]. The keywords to look for here is “Weapon damage”. It’s good fun, I can assure you that.

Another fun skill I played around with alot was [Heroic Leap]. It gets alots of bonus points for further Diablo 2 retro skill, but – as I found out – it has much more interesting uses. Like deep diving. Sounds strange at first, but it’s a really fun use. Basicly, you basicly move at the jump-speed until you hit solid ground. Which is, in water-terms, the ocean floor.

Lastly, for the title of this post. Everyone knows that I’m talking about Mr. T, obviously. Barbershops got implemented in the beta, and guess what haircut is available for Night Elf Males? Correct, the Mr. T-haircut. McFlurry is officially a Night Elf Mohawk!

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