hitting the fall

… or the falling hit? I’m partly speaking of the season, but also the fact that my spellhit will be taking a serious blow soon. As it’s just been announced, the patch bridging Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King will be comming… within a few weeks. That means new talents, primarily.

As there’s been quite some change in the shaman talent trees, it roughly means that instead of getting 9% hit from talents ([Elemental Precision] and [Nature’s Guidance]), I’ll only be getting 3% (new [Elemental Precision]). All in all, that means I’ll need 10% hit, instead of 4%. Ouch – but, then again, atleast I’ll be forced to think about itemization and gemming… and stop worrying about over-aggroing as much as I normally do.

But, besides the loss of hit, I’m going to getting some neat new abilities, which I wrote a bit about earlier this month. Sadly, the idea behind that spec won’t be completely useful before I get [Lava Burst] at level 75, which I doubt will happen before the expansion hits – and that surely has atleast 16% spell hit.

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