I could actually start this post by saying “Finally!”, again. What happened yesterday was no less than a small miracle, as a friend of mine from my guild got another beta key – and decided he wanted to give it to me. Yay!

So, after the download of the client, a whole evening of patching – took some skills pulling off while raiding though, good thing it resumes if you shut it down – I got to the point where.. yes, to the point where I could wait for the next patch to be applied this morning. After that was applied, the new wonderful login screen appeared, a marvelous frost wyrm flying around, and some lovely fitting music playing…

Now, obviously, there was a big choice as the first thing. Taking my shaman to Northrend and test out the wonders of [Thunderstorm] and look around in Northrend a bit, or rolling a Death Knight to see that part of the game. I ended up choosing the first, as my shaman is my favorite character after all. And, let me tell you this: Thunderstorm rocks. Bad. It’s certainly a skill I’m going to have lots and lots of fun with, especially when I’ll eventually get to PvP.

Northrend, so far, is quite stunning. I arrived to the Borean Tundra, and almost instantly got deep into a spanning questline of corruption, cultists and undead things. I also managed to send a Crypt Lord flying for a bit, and killing him midair with a well-aimed Chain Lightning. Wondrous sight indeed.

After half a level however, I decided that I wouldn’t want to ruin all of it, and decided that I’d roll a Death Knight, to see how this new class was to play. Thus, Softice, the female draenei, was risen again. Admitted, it was quite confusing at first, but once you started to see how it worked, she became a true death machine. The questline you follow is quite stunning, and I really have no idea how long I just sat there and played. The feel was good, landscape changing, events happening, explosions and all kinds of awesome stuff everywhere. Never the less, she is currently standing in Hellfire Peninsula, waiting for the only real barrier: Server down.

Still lots to do, and my certain warrior wanting to try out his [Titan’s Grip].

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