fire also strikes twice

As the beta of WotLK is slowly progressing, the talents of every class is taking shape, and looks more and more complete. Recently, the Elemental ones got a good overhaul, and I must admit – it looks awesome. After fiddling around a bit with the current talent calculator, I arrived to a pretty good 66/5/0-spec. It does sound a bit different than the 41/0/20 one I’m using now, but it has it’s reasons.

First, it’s interesting to note that we get a new key ability in the spell cycle; [Lava Burst]. While it’s sad that it has a 8 second cooldown, and thus not helping us completely against a nature-immune monster, it does have a very nice side effect, being the synergy with [Flame Shock]. Pop Flame Shock, Chain Lightning (if possible), and 3 or 4 Lightning Bolts, then a Lava Burst. Rince and repeat, and profit. I’m sure it could result in some quite noteable criticals.

Secondly, I’m getting lots of surviveabiliy, both in the general raid envoirment, and PvP-wise aswell, in form of [Elemental Warding], [Elemental Shields] and [Astral Shift]. Great stuff, which will have it’s uses in PvE aswell. Atleast it’ll be easier to keep me alive, I’m sure.

Oh yes, and there’s the big funky spell at last; [Thunderstorm]. Notice the twist with this spell; it’s free, it’s instant, and it gives you 5% of your mana back. The slightly more fun part is the silly amount of area of effect damage that we’re finally able to do – oh, and the knockback! I’m going to be a living Tezla Coil!

Now, before I get too carried away, let’s get back to the spec, what do I gain from it, in regards to the primary spells of interest?

Lightning spells gets:
5% more damage done.
5% more critical chance.
0.5 seconds shorter casts.
100% critical strike damage bonus.
25% of spellpower bonus to Lightning Bolt damage.
Lightning Overload!

Lava Burst gets:
11% more damage done.
124% critical strike damage bonus.

Flame Shock gets:
5% more damage done.
100% critical strike damage bonus.
100% bonus to periodic damage.

It’s quite easy to see that the above mentioned rotation benefits from everything. Flame Shock gets time to let the periodic damage tick, Lava Burst is supposed to crit every time, and Lightning spells are just.. mean. On top that, the rotation will ensure that the new talent [Elemental Oath] stays up, as long as I keep firing, and that’s even if none of the lightning spells crit – which is rather unlikely.

The only bad thing (or well, challenging atleast) I have to look ahead for is that instead of the 13% hit I got from talents, racial and totem now is going down by a rather noteable amount, to 4%. That is, I have to gather 12% instead of 3% hit on my gear. Good with a challenge for once. It’s a good tradeoff for getting 30% threat reduction instead of the previous 10% though. Likely to be even more needed than now.

There’s one last thing I didn’t mention, which is also a rather significant effect. [Flametongue Weapon] is changed to also gain a bonus to spelldamage. How much though? Not yet known, but I’ll get a 60% bonus to the value atleast from [Lava Flows].

Need I say that I simply can’t wait to check all this out?

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