While coughing and generally not feeling too well, I found out that there’s really only one good solution to it: [Tea with Sugar]. Ah, you did see it, didn’t you? WoW itemlinks in a blog. Nice. Anyway, my passive addiction to tea this last week has been passively increasing, but it’s sadly underrated. While Coca Cola and coffee is very popular, I still have my favorites (as mentioned in previous posts). Tea has an extreme amount of flavors, is cheap, and only requires a can and hot water. Ofcourse, it’s not exactly optimal for the hot summer days as a refreshing drink, but with me being ill, it hardly matters much.

To return to the itemlinks, I was looking around on google to try and find a method, and found Gerald Howell’s blog. After getting the assistance needed, it was actually really simple. What’s needed is adding the following HTML/javascript-object to the page: http://www.wowdb.com/js/extooltips.js in the appropriate tag, ofcourse. All that’s needed is to create a link to the correct item, and well, there you go. Thanks to Gerald for being helpful and responding fast.

Another thing I added not too long ago is Google Analytics, which can give advanced and easily readable statistics about page visits. How many? Who? Where are they from? What’s the most popular read? – and so on. It’s always nice to realize that people are in fact reading your stuff, even though there might not be any comments. I guess it’s the same as people reading news, which hardly requires comments, but instead discussion with your closest friends or the like.


  1. I usually get the tendency of updating a blogpost 5 times or so before it's done, so – after 3 hours – I got it finished. Bravo :P


  2. Changed the itemlinks to wowhead instead of wowdb, as it's the place I use myself. Seemed more fitting, and they just put up a guide for it.

    Didn't want to re-write the whole post though, so I just changed the item-link, as it wouldn't otherwise function if I deleted the old script-thing.


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