bath of the lich king

That would atleast be what happened, if it was this hot at Icecrown Glacier. The reason I started out with something this random was – besides trying to make sense of the pun in the title – that I could actually use a nice big pool of cool water to dip myself in at the moment.

The less obvious reason is that I just realized there’s some nice new material out. A neat 10 minute video showing some of the different areas we’ll face in Northrend, along with the Blizzard-tuned music that I love. I’m certain that’ll hear alot of the soundtrack for Wrath of the Lich King, that’s for sure. Great to finally get back to some proper fantasy-environments, instead of the rather strange techno-magic theme of The Burning Crusade, although it had it’s charms. Personally, I can’t wait, looks awesome.

Anyway, while we’re in the “cold section”, I claimed my title for full-time insane, as I just got the Winterspring Frostsaber on my shaman, making that a total of 2 characters with the mount. Yay.

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