hello world

And thus, it began.

I could’ve started out grand by actually having a general point of this blog, but at the current time, it really isn’t the case. I felt like it.

Why make it then? Well, you see, I just “recently” realized that I sometimes go around thinking through some stuff that I’d love to share, before I forget them again, or it becomes irrelevant (ofcourse, that’s a rather loose term).

The name? To be honest I just like lightning. I love listening to the thunder clashes whenever a storm is here. Being outside at the same time is a plus; the rain doesn’t really bother me. Oh yeah, and I play an Elemental Shaman in the fabbled World of Warcraft. Yes, I’m a nerd – the commonly used term for people without a social life, sport. Too bad for “those people”, I tend to do both, although the latter tend to be ignored, or resulting in me getting damaged in one way or the other (read: football and beer-[insert sport here]).

Since this is the first blogpost, I could scribble down lots and lots of information about myself… but I won’t. I should get clear who – and what – I am after the first few posts. By that, I’m referring to vital points, such as: views, humor, activities, extreme use of “that’s what she said”, the tv-series I dig, my overuse of horrible (read: brilliant) puns, references to strange stuff and whatnot.



  1. OMG, what a weirdo… but I love you! :)


  2. OMG, what a weirdo… but I love you! :)


  3. Hehe, always works as a valid excuse :)


  4. Hehe, always works as a valid excuse :)


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