The time it took me to: Walk past a kebab-shack (I wonder what the correct expression for such is anyway), realize I could really use one, but thinking it was […]

Whenever I get a new idea for my story-project (Fate), the thought about when I should start writing the actual story comes to mind. When will I have enough “content” […]

While the saying goes “Misfortunes never come singly”, the same thing luckily applies to other things as well. When coming up with ideas for various different things – being ways […]

It has to be a sort of a Rite of Passage for most people who spend a lot of time daily in front of a computer. You have a cup […]

Introduction: It’s been a while since I’ve been writing fully about the state of the elemental shaman, and with the newly announced bits of changes to come in Cataclysm, I […]

Some time ago, I wrote a lengthy post about how World of Warcraft’s time-line would be affected by the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm, and specifically when the actually shattering of Azeroth […]

I’m sure that most of you have overlooked/heard a person yawning, and instantly yawned yourselves, as a reaction. You might also have burst out laughing because everyone else is. Contagious […]

Without doubt, the title of this post might seem very strange – which is somehow intended as well. Never the less, it is exactly what it’s going to be about. […]