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Smilies. A thing most people use more often that they’d admit, especially myself. I’ve tried to keep the blog cleaned for them, to let you – the reader – judge the sarcastic comments, strange puns and whatnot, without a bit stamp afterwards to work as a big sign, telling the masses what to do. In comments, on MSN, in-game and the like, however, I tend to (over)use them. That’s another story though, which requires an epic tale of lol and rofl for itself.

Today, I’ve tried to give my interpretations to the different normal smilies that I often use.

Case 0: “:)”
The good old simple smiley, that started it all. Some people add in a dash to resemble the nose, but I’ve turned from that, as I find them looking more cute without. Also, I’m lazy. Why press three keys when it’s perfectly understandable with two? I normally use this smiley as you’d randomly smile back at a person who said something nice, or in a respond to “thanks”, sorta resembling a “you’re welcome”-comment. There’s also the “I’m clueless about what I should say about this, so I’ll just toss these two symbols at you”-use.

Case 1: “;)”
The winking smiley. Rather simple, as it’s mostly used for quick remarks and in response to such, and flirting (sarcastic or not), which pretty much goes under the the same category of quick remarks. Nothing advanced.

Case 2: “:D”
My personal favorite. Resembles the (unusually) happy face, which probably got a cramp from smiling that much. It’s more or less a case 0, mark 2. I tend to use this whenever I hear something funny, or as “:D!” which usually resembles “haha, that’s awesome!”. So, in short, either something hilarious, or just something that owns bad.

Case 3: “;D”
It had to be done. I’m actually unsure of when this is used exactly, but – as the previous – it works as an amplified/empowered version of it’s counterpart. I recall using it sometimes when case 2 doesn’t quite cut it. However, it’s nice to change the rhythm by changing a symbol now and then.

Case 4: “:P”
The tongue. There’s a reason for me waiting with this one till the end, as – quite honestly – can’t really figure out what it’s use is. The closest I could probably get, and still keep it short, is “hehe”. It usually has the sarcastic tone, much like – but more often than – case 1. It is, however, also (more often that I’d like to admit) used by me as the “I’m clueless about what I should say about this, so I’ll just toss these two symbols at you”-smiley, just like case 0. The difference is that this one is more open, and can – because of the sarcastic tone associated with it – often lead to whole new levels of random conversations. It can ofcourse become a bit repetitive, but is still great. Oh yeah, it can also be used as another way of saying “Aaaand..?”.

Case 5: “;P”
This one I won’t even try to explain. Given the overload from case 4 already, and description of what happens to a smiley when a colon is given the semi-prefix, I figured this one shouldn’t need any text at all.

Case 6: “:S”
The embarrassed smiley. And then again, it doesn’t have to be. I usually use this as “excuse me, what?” when someone just told me of delicate matters, that usually should be rather mentally unpleasant, or just outright disgusting. It’s not often I use it, as I tend to a have high boundary when it comes to such stuff.

Case 7: “;S”
Don’t even go there. Just… no.

Case 8: “DPS”
Granted, it’s not a smiley, but I found it fun that I – by accident – had described smilies in that order. Damage Per Second, the stuff I produce so hilariously much of when I raid. Technically, you could argue that it contains elements of both case 2, case 4 and case 6. That’s it for the internal geek-humor for today, promise.

As a concluding ending, I could’ve added a smiley, but I think I’ve written plenty for today. And yes, I didn’t mention the negative version of case 0, as I figured it would be way to obvious and without a point.


  1. Woohoo, you start counting at 0, like all proper human beings should!


  2. Well ofcourse, anything else should be considered a mistake!


  3. Why? It doesn't make sense to count from zero? However, I'm pleased that you finally made it clear to me (and others) what you mean by “:P” and other weird smileys …. :P!


  4. Loving the sign by the way!


  5. Just a random one I found, and decided it was actually quite fitting :)


  6. It makes plenty of sense, it's the first number after all. :)

    I'm semi-expecting a “part 2” of this post, as there are still a ton of alternative smilies I could run over.


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