Playing a Tale

Awake. Silence. Darkness. Those were the first words that popped into my head, after I realized that I was actually awake. The first real challenge was adjusting my eyes to the dim time-display on my clock-radio. 07:29. At this moment, it had been silent for 9 minutes, before I had even registered being awake. And, mind you, that was after its usual 20 minutes of playing music.

It was not until after my bath, about 20 minutes later, that I actually thought up the idea of writing this, while forcing my mind to properly awaken and get ready for the day. It was a day of stories and fun. The day of the “Play & Tell”-conference, starting at 9.

During the walk to the bus, I finally had the feeling of being properly awake. My mind had started to look a bit more closely at the notion of combining storytelling and interactivity (not a new thought for me in general, mind you), but I did not really have that much of the latter, at this point. I was on a quest, I had a target and a time-limit to reach it. My body had its path, but my mind had been left free to wander with its own pace, in its own direction. Destination: Unknown. By this time, I had gathered up all these words into my head, but had yet to get them noted down anywhere, as my first priority was getting to the bus in time. You see, the walk to it ends with going straight ahead for quite a while, ending in a crossing where the bus stop is. This means that I can see the bus arriving, and most likely be way out of range to have any realistic chance of reaching it. That stresses me out, for some reas-…

“Nørreport”. The one buzzword I had set my subconsciousness to register made me snap back to reality and yank me away from writing words into my phone. The entirety of the bus-drive had been just that, next after getting a seat. 8:30, plenty of time for the rest of the walk, and to write these last words, leading my written and actual time to align to the same point. 8:37, at Gothersgade 109, still some way to the actual location: number 55, at “Cinemateket”. I should really focus on walking instead.

After arriving to Cinemateket, and the show slowly started to begin, everything got slightly hazy. However, I do remember some things. Coffee and croissant. Twitter. Sense. Coffee. Twitter, twitter, hashtag PlayTell, twitter. Characters. Coffee. Sense. Twitter. Chatting. Lunch, with a delicious sandwich. Twitter. Content versus Context. Fragmented Storytelling. Cake. Chatting. Twitter. Tunnel vision. LEGO. Sense. Playing Games. Drinks. Twitter.

With that, the journey with Play & Tell officially ended, and I continued to IGDA Denmark’s Unity Nights, which in itself is an entirely different story. And, as a story that should be told properly, this last bit was written a week after the actual event. The final words were typed in at 17:16. Around 500 words in total.

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