It has been a while since my last post, but – in truth – stuff has happened as well, so I thought I’d try to catch up a bit, and toss out a few thoughts about this and that. As a result, this is the first post where I considered having both the online and offline tag – but ended up sticking with the online-one, as offline is basically things that are purely that (or so I’d like to think at this moment, at least). Also, it does seem that the site has been feeding upon fresh internets given from the link to the right, which is always nice.

Exam period is once again ravaging my mind (although, this time, my meta-algorithm seemed to go a lot better than last time). I havn’t gotten the grade yet, but I’m quite certain it’s near the top. Should be revealed in a week or so. On top of that, I’m in the middle of an intensive 3 weeks programming-project, which is quite entertaining, taking the hard work into consideration, as we just finished the “introduction”-week, and got to know the details of our main project, which is to be finished by the 25th.

World of Warcraft-wise, I had my first 1 month anniversary as a Wowhead Moderator. Some might have seen it in my Tweet-feed, but I thought I’d mention here as well, for good measure, as it has indeed affected how I spend my online-time. It feels great to be able to give something back to the community, by ensuring that the Forums are a nice place to discuss various stuff – and it has so far indeed been a pleasant experience to be a part of the team, and getting the experience in moderating.

On top of that, I’ve begun conquering the heroic content of Icecrown Citadel 25-man raiding, which is steadily progressing. I’ll probably also look a bit more into how the Shamans are looking for Cataclysm, when more information is showing itself. For now, my previous post still seems up to date, which can be combined with the newly released official talent calculator preview.

Lastly, I feel like reminding everyone that R.A.G.E wasn’t just an empty idea – I just don’t really get that many random ideas for crazy stuff to write nowadays, or the most immediate thoughts are published as Tweets, as they’re simply too short to deserve a post of their own (although I might do more of those semi-short ones). I do however want to get back to look more closely at the Diablo-universe, and continuing my theorizing about it, in different shapes or forms.

In essence, Rebirth isn’t really a fitting title, Reawakening probably covers it better – unless I’m mistaken for a phoenix made of lightning instead of fire… and not be a phoenix after all, but a gnu instead.

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