more than a contagious feeling

I’m sure that most of you have overlooked/heard a person yawning, and instantly yawned yourselves, as a reaction. You might also have burst out laughing because everyone else is. Contagious feelings isn’t exactly a new and original thing, and I even found a large writeup by random, from those exact words. While it might be an interesting read, it’s not exactly the point of this post.

I have a lovely plant (a Peperomia Acuminata, I think it’s called), which I’ve had for around 1,5 year at this point. Having “green fingers” isn’t exactly a natural feat of a guy in his middle twenties, so I have somehow become rather attached to the thing. My own power plant, if you will (pun intended naturally), as it has grown quite a bit since then.

Not too long ago, I walked by it, and thought it looked a bit thirsty, and thus watered it a bit – as you do for thirsty plants. One of the countless things I learned through this long period of professional gardening (self-irony also intended). The strange thing was, that after that, I almost instantly got thirsty, and went out to drink around 1L of water.

Having never really thought of thirst as a contagious feeling, this was a rather strange moment. Not only that, but it came from a plant. I must repeat this: a plant. I guess Boston puts it the best, because it certainly must’ve been. That, or it was a coincidence.

… but what are the odds of that?

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