gnu’s trip to mexico: part 0 (3/3)

While in fact 6 hours or so has passed since the last entry, it may look like it was in fact one. And yes, I’ll tell you why: I’ll be going local time, as writing retroactive AND staying in Copenhagen-time is too confusing, especially for one who has been awake for for 10… no wait, erh, many hours. Blasted local time.

On a brighter side of things, hot chocolate from Starbucks have helped a bit, even though my name (Emil, for those not knowing) was misheard/spoken/interpreted as… hang on… “Valamir”. No idea how it got that bad (although, it is rather smooth!), but something tells me that it was a good sign that I needed the warm chocolate.

Anyway, to get back on track (literally – keep reading!), the whole local time thing is based on the fact that I’m currently in Atlanta (Georgia, United States, Earth… yes, the airport) waiting for the plane to Guadalajara (I’ll NEVER learn to pronounce it correctly – EVER) in ~1 hour. The airport is cool however. Trains between the “Concourses”, that hold the different gates. For instance, I landed in E, had to go to D… or so I thought, as the gate had changed to A-something. Thus, I went all-out Sheldon, and hopped back on. Good stuff – it even beats the Metro I took many hours earlier today.

Better finish the chocolate and prepare for an additional 5 or so hours of traveling, before I can rest. ‘Till next time…

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