gnu’s trip to mexico: part 0 (2/3)

Surprise, surprise – flying is utterly boring after all. Eating, drinking and browsing through the entertainment system has helped so far, but for now I’m left with listening to music (Röyksopp is easy on the ears) and staring ahead (obviously I’m not now, as I’m writing), indirectly trying to drift into my creative state of mind.

But why force it? As strange as it may sound, I feel somehow guilty for not working on my “Fate”-project, which is – in truth – a true piece of “life work”. You know, one of those projects that lasts for ages, but end up shaping you creatively.

I’m armed with around 12 hours additional time of phased-out staring, my laptop in my bag (which won’t last anywhere close to that amount of time), and a steep rising amount of smooth (yes, still love it) creativity. I probably spend some by scratching down this, but in the end, it’ll probably be worth it.

But, one obstacle in my way is simply that I cannot remember everything about the universe I’ve put together so far, which means I’m probably forced to get it all back in my immediate consciousness in order to “work with it”. So, laptop wins… for a short while. Have to save the power!

…Oh, screw the laptop. Memory works the conditions of Coke, trance and Pringles. And thus, the scribbling started…

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