gnu’s trip to mexico: part 0 (1/3)

Retroactive posts are always fun, especially when I know that this text, upon getting online, was written around 3 days ago originally. In order to stay true to that, I’ve posted it to match the time I actually wrote (is writing? uh…) it. Blame the internet for this “hole in time”, if you want.

Never the less, I am currently (yes, I can say that, because of the above) sitting at my gate in the airport, waiting to be able to board the plane. Quite a while since I’ve been flying (1+ year), and it’s even more exciting as I’m going alone – and almost to the other side of the planet too! Good thing I brought… erh, books, electronics, this fancy notebook (on which this text was written at first)… and liquorice!

I wonder how smooth things will go once I arrive in Atlanta – my only transit on the way to Guadalajara, Mexico. It’s going to be hard beating how smooth (I love that word… so smooth!) it went with checking in here in Copenhagen.

Anyways, seems like boarding-time now – so long for next time, and the first real part of the trip.

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