the black wings of cataclysm

Seeing as it’s BlizzCon tomorrow very soon, I figured I might throw out something I’ve been gathering, by reading the countless of threads spawning about World of Warcraft’s next (very possibly happening) expansion, I realized that my months old 3-part theory of the connections between Deathwing, the Twilight Dragonflight and the Old Gods (Read those here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) had some side-theories that suddenly made some kind of sense, instead of just puzzling me even more. There’s a ton more to write about (for instance, more about the Worgen and Goblins, but I feel like I got around that enough with my previous post on that exact subject), but there’s plenty of other places who already has written a ton about that.

It boils down to two things. First there’s Deathwing’s connection to Queen Azshara… Now, it’s obvious that they both share a connection to the Old Gods. But they havn’t really had anything to do with each other – or have they? The closest to a meeting we know of, was during the War of the Ancients, but that was hardly a “friendly” situation at all, as Deathwing was on a mission to reclaim his precious stolen Demon Soul. After that, we don’t know of anything else between the two. The events that followed that, led to the transformation of Queen Azshara and her Highborne to the vile Naga.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. As I wrote in my second post:

…And then ofcourse there was the incident where Korialstrasz was ambushed by the Naga on his way to Grim Batol. Naga who very seemingly had attempted to halt his progress. The cryptic part arises by the words being uttered by the Naga: “The deed is done, we will be spared…”. Spared by who? In the end, I’m sure Deathwind would intend to erase all life on Azeroth, no matter if they both “serve” the Old Gods, however weakly. The fact that a pact was made however, gives a hint of non-hostile communications of sorts atleast having passed.

What if Queen Azshara, with her change to the Naga, under the influence of the Old Gods, actually had arranged this, so that the Naga would be spared for Deathwings upcoming plan of utter decimation of all other living beings, except his own. He would rule above the ground, she would rule the depths. It could also “just” have been a pact made with Sintharia, who were the visible threat – not even she knew that Deathwing were the one pulling the strings. Never the less, a certain connection is indeeed there. And Deathwing certainly has something up his sleeve, now that his Twilight Dragonflight has been perfected. The Obsidian Sanctum might just have been a trial of things to come…

From all that, I’m pretty certain that we’ll actually get to see, or at least somehow experience, a lot more of Queen Azshara and Deathwing soon. The storylines have been set in motion.

Now, the second thing is the mysterious globe (texture link) first seen in the Halls of Lightning instance, obviously replicating Azeroth as we know it. But, look closely. Obviously, something is really wrong with Kalimdor, as it’s pretty much torn appart. The Eastern Kingdoms doesn’t seem to have taken much damage, but something has indeed happened – a thing that, in a storyline aspect, already have happened when the instance is entered. So far, the best example of map comparing I’ve found is a series of pictures from “The NEW Face of Azeroth“.

Oh, and it does seem rather convenient that the maps of Azeroth… are not available on the official website, but instead says this:

We currently do not have a map for this at this time. Our old one was really outdated so we removed it.

Outdated? Please. What has changed since the original release? The re-introduction of Quel’Thalas, Azure- and Bloodmyst Isle… and yeah, nothing else really. It seems strange that there havn’t been time to fix that, even though there’s maps of both Northrend and Outland available. Would make sense to redo it completely, if such big changes are being made to the landscape.

Going back to the globe, it fits in really well with the whole Cataclysm idea of a magically based supreme attack against Kalimdor. And who better to do such thing than the Naga? A plan that had been in the works for ages, but only now showing the consequences of it, when the Burning Legion was vanquished (or, at least, set severely back), Malygos decimated, Ysera and Nozdormu occupied elsewhere, Yogg-Saron being killed off (though, he was most likely the Old God that deeply corrupted Deathwing in the first place), and – last but certainly not the least – the demise of the Lich King. Deathwings return should be easy, as he really doesn’t have any real competition in his domination of Azeroth. Seeing as he was the Earth Warder, he could indeed have had a plan, that would result in further destruction. The assault on Kalimdor was merely the starter…

A last matter to take into consideration, is that C’thun was seemingly resurrected into the form of Cho’gall, starting another branch of threats from the Old Gods. The big question is though: Is Deathwing still under their sway, or is he thinking by himself, now that Yogg-Saron is indeed defeated?

In the ind, and as a “tldr”, I really expect Deathwing and Queen Azshara to show themselves, in some way. A big role in the story should be a given. We already know that he has a voice, which was revealed in the vision-part of the fight against Yogg-Saron.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing them and the lore galore behind it (see, I couldn’t even stick to the two things I wanted to be the focus points). Let us hope that BlizzCon will reveal this to be the truth.


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