thunder, sun and other stuff

… because I couldn’t come up with a remotely funny, insightful or otherwise clever title. Anyway, I’ve noticed that a very large part of the visitors here are looking at the (very outdated) post about Elemental Shaman Glyphs.

Naturally, it’s a thing I’d very much like to get updated, but because of heavy math (as I want to do it correct and detailed), I’d want to take advantage of the work I’m doing with Thunderstruck,pri it would be the best if that could back all the calculations up. Be assured though, it’s not abandoned at all. I just keep finding mistakes (both from misunderstandings from my part, stuff I’ve left out, and other stuff), and stuff I can improve – which is the time where I tend to get irritated by my own level of details.

But, since there’s the thing with prioritizing, my focus is placed on the Blizzard Writing Contest, which is ending in a week, and I haven’t put as much work into it as I would have wanted yet. I got the plot outline semi-ready, know what to focus on… but, I havn’t really written any real fiction before, so it’s rather exciting to get started on. Add work and other various real life stuff (sun + around 20 degrees + cold beer), and time tends to pass quickly.

Anyway, the main point is this (also known as the “too long; didn’t read”-part): Stuff will happen accordingly to my trusty readers [insert frantic waving here].

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