happy birthday ldst!

…or just: hello world, mark 3.

Thing is, today is the 29th of April! The date itself isn’t a holiday, but significant stuff probably happened during the past years. I’m not going to focus on insignificant events though, but instead what happened a year ago – the 29th of April, 2008 – the very first post here on lightning does strike twice.

While the activity has gone drastically down hill, it’s getting gear that sweet summertime again, where I’ll get loads of time to write, free myself of the bonds of my studies and ramble about everything, anything, nothing and something. While it would naturally seem like I’ve been inactive, I have written loads of posts for my World of Warcraft guild’s frontpage. Quite proud of some of them, so should be worth a read – the humor should even be (mostly) understandable for non-WoW-players!

In order to celebrate, I’ve – at long last – updated the “elegant box” theme, which I should have done ages ago. But, seeing at this was a special day, I decided it should be now. My dear blog needs to know I love it. <3

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