It’s in periods like these, where irony shows its ugly face. The period in this matter, is exams. As usual, that takes a lot of reading, with your face deep into the – way too heavy – books.

Now, the irony, is that I’ve just gotten hold of two great books that I want to read. One being the Warcraft Novel “Night of the Dragon”, which I mentioned in my last post of 2008, about World of Warcraft story-theorizing.

The other one is “Essentials of the Theory of Fiction”, which pretty much had me at the title, to get me back into my primary off-hobby of – at some point in the future – to finalize my long underway fiction-project. It might perhaps a bit wrong wording for it, but I’ll mention it anyway: Sadly, I don’t have much time (or, at least, “creative time”) to get deeply lost in it. It’s nice however when it happens though, and the thoughts starts spinning. Perhaps that book can get me somewhere, before I start studying once again.

So, the post-name? I might have completed (attempted to, that is) one exam at this moment, but one still lies ahead, which invalidates me keeps me from the previously mentioned books, for two weeks. The books currently have the power over me; I’m booked – power-booked.

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  1. Note to self: I survived.

    I'll probably not have time to delve into “Essentials of the Theory of Fiction” just yet, but I've taken a good chunky bite of “Night of the Dragon”, which should be showing soon™.


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