While oranges are indeed a rather nice fruit, and pretty too, this isn’t going to be the subject of this post, but rather the orange color of the orange. See, this Christmas, I got myself an iPod Nano, and an orange one at that. The reason is pretty simple: I like orange. It’s a pretty color.

When I eventually got to the point where I had to register the thing, set it up, load music to it, the wonderful thing happened: I had to pick a name for it. Of course, giving it a normal name would be rather strange (but, without a doubt, quite funny):

“So, what did you call you iPod?”
“His name is Bob. iBob.”

So, striking out that option, I looked at the color. Orange. What else is orange? Legendary items, Of course! And thus, my new iPod is now called “Thunderfury”. But why not Atiesh or Sulfuras? Lots of reasons actually. Have you ever seen an iPod that required 2 hands? No? Good. Secondly, I – as you might have noticed – like thunder. It doesn’t look quite as awesome as Thunderfury either, but I can live with that.

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