dragons and old gods

Theorizing in World of Warcraft in terms of lore-twisting and the like is not something I usually do, but sometimes a good idea leads to another – and suddenly I had a quite a bit of ideas to pull from. It’s obvious that Ulduar is going to be the next destination for raiding, but we don’t really know what will be in there, besides having alot more Titan– and Old Gods-lore. I got a theory though, that should lead us elsewhere than just Ulduar.

See, somehow out of the blue, we’re given access to the Obsidian Sanctum within the Chamber of Aspects – the home for the Black Dragonflight. A dragon called Sartharion is in here, along with a lot of eggs and some dragons, which is seemingly … twilight.

What does that mean now? It would seem that Deathwing‘s experiment with altering the flights has given fruit, probably because of his son Nefarians experiments with the chromatic dragonflight. Deathwing did manage to make a combination of Netherwing and Black dragon, eventhough the operation was seemingly somehow compromised by us at Shadowmoon Valley. It’s very possible that we didn’t find all the eggs though. They seem to hold the properties for both flights atleast. Phasing abilities and shadow/fire magic.

Granted, the Netherwing was indeed originally of the Black Dragonflight, as they were Deathwings eggs brought to Draenor before the planet was completely torn apart and thus mutating the eggs with nether energy, which in the end also made them branch from the Black Dragonflight and let them have their own life.

I’m certain it’s in Deathwings greatest interest that these eggs are unharmed, but it does atleast hint to the fact that he’s up to something, and he’s likely to be close. At the Netherwing cooperation, it was also revealed that Deathwing is indeed alive. That fact is confirmed by the “Night of the Dragon”-book, which I sadly havn’t read yet. It does tell us that Deathwing is at Grim Batol, creating the Twilight Dragonflight, as assumed.

Point of the above is; why are we given access to the Obsidian Sanctum if it’s “just a raid instance”? It doesn’t really fit into the main storylines of Northrend, and just follows up on the one in “Night of the Dragon”, and the Burning Crusade. And, if a book is out on the story, it’s quite safe to assume that there’s going to be more content involving it than just a single slightly unimportant raid-instance. Also, Rhonin, Korialstrasz/Krasus and Vereesa can now be found in-game.

Now, what does all this has to do with Ulduar, you might think? There’s something giving subtle hints about relations between Loken‘s plans with the Iron Dwarves, and the way Deathwing’s usually working. It’s no secret that it was originally the Old Gods that drove Deathwing mad, leading him to the betrayal of the other dragonflights, along with the creation of the Demon Soul. Could it be that it was indeed the Old God Yogg-Saron who was the one behind it…?

To further backup that claim, let us first turn our attention on Loken. Although he was defeated in the Halls of Lightning, he made it more than clear to us that Yogg-Saron is comming, which involves Azeroth being reborn in darkness, in a future he has seen. In his room is a very nicely animated globe of Azeroth. But, something is horribly wrong, since the middle of Kalimdor is blown away or otherwise decimated. The area blown away doesn’t give much sense, but it’s troublesome to say the least.

Yogg-Saron’s name is also the reason why it’s called Saronite, a hard and very solid metal that probably contains his very essence, in a way, and drove several members of the Explorer’s League amoungst others mad. The metal is also used by Loken’s Iron Dwarfes as weapons, like the Colossus in Armor of Darkness. Deathwing has made different efforts to reinforce his shell of an exterior for forging the ultimate armor, which hasn’t worked out too well in the past. His son Nefarian tried to assist with Elementium, but that never seemed to work out too well either. It does also have a fair bit of connection to the Old Gods. What if Deathwing could get a set of armor forged from raw and perfectly pure saronite…?

An even more troublesome connection is the fact that the Titans normally stored their data on discs, as it can be seen trough Uldaman, and Halls of Stone, to name a few places. Is it just a coincidence that it was the same shape as the Demon Soul? Doubt it. The Old Gods and the Titans did indeed have contact long before Deathwing got affected, as the Titans locked the Old Gods beneath the earth when they arrived. It is not a farstretch to assume that they learned something.

But, in the end, does this tell us what we will find in Ulduar? Not really. It’s more of a safe bet that I’m quite sure that we’ll see alot more to the Black and Twilight Dragonflight soon at some point. Eventually, we will see Deathwing, that’s for certain. And no – I can’t wait for it.

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