sparks and bits

It’s been a while since I updated anything on the blog, so I thought this might be the time. There are a few things.

– I changed around a few categories, as I realized some of them were a bit conflicting in terms of sub-categories. As such, “theorizing“, “drawing” and “writing” are no longer part of “me“.
– I added a new page: Thunderstruck! Basically, I began working on a nifty World of Warcraft-tool for Elemental Shamans (as myself) with a friend of mine, and it’s making good progress. I intend to host it there, when it’s done. And, naturally, keep you up-to-date with it, as it unfolds.
– I finally got to updating WordPress to version 2.6.3. Doesn’t really mean much, but it’s always great to get done.


  1. Might eventually, but it's a bit too early to do that, in my opinion :P


  2. It's never too early to use GitHub ;-)

    It's free hosting of the – imo – best revision control to date :-)


  3. Oh, and free wiki and a lot of other cool features! (And it integrates with Friendfeed as well ;-) )


  4. Added a bit more. Thunderstruck added as a sub-page of “projects”, where I added my .. secret project as well.

    No information about that yet, but there will be eventually.


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